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About T-Mobile Post Paid

T-Mobile as a wireless option prides itself on having solution for every customer type. As a T-Mobile dealer you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if a customer comes into your location, you can activate them on a plan that’s perfect for them. As a postpaid dealer you will have option to do Classic plans, Value Plans with equipment Installment, Prepaid as well as upgrades for existing customers.


About T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile offers the following plan types.

  • Classic 2yr plans: For customers who enjoy the perks of a subsidized or Free phone at point of sale.
  • Value plans: For customers who have their own phone, an unlocked device or want to Finance a phone on their wireless bill. By not receiving a subsidized phone, customers enjoy a discounted rate plan.
  • Mobile Broad Band: Enjoy 4G speed on a data device such as a Tablet , Laptop Sticks, or wireless Hotspot for up to 5 Devices.
  • Prepaid: Customers who don’t want the burden of signing a contract or do not have a social may have a prepaid acct that offers Nationwide coverage and 4G data plans for a low monthly rate.

About T-Mobile Optional Services

T-Mobile offers Unlimited Texting, International calling rates, Mobile broad band or Data add on’s as well as Family allowances which enables you to set usage limits on the lines of your family acct.


About T-Mobile Devices(phones, tablets and wireless sticks)

T-Mobile offers the latest and greatest 4G devices from Android and Windows. All phones are rigorously tested and come with a one year warranty.

T-Mobile has a GSM network so you can feel free to use unlocked devices and international phones.

T-Mobile offers Solutions to bring Data to all your devices- USB data sticks for on the go access for your laptop, Mobile BroadBand for your Tablets, and a revolutionary 4G device that allows you to create your own 4G hotspot to bring data coverage to 5 devices anywhere, anytime.


Coverage Map and Coverage check the link

T-Mobile doesn’t lie about its coverage, they will show you their nationwide coverage online anytime. Personal Coverage checks show you detailed information on Voice coverage, Data coverage and In building or Street coverage. All you need is an address to check.