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As a T-Mobile Master Dealer we provide extensive wireless postpaid and prepaid services. Our service offerings include Business Development, Location planning, Dealer support, Commissions and Equipment Wholesale. At PCC our first priority is to provide the best possible service to our Dealers through our top of the line sales team. Our strong relationship with T-Mobile makes it possible for dealers to earn Top Tier Commission structures, and for us to offer consistent and effective Information and trainings. It is PCC’s goal to make your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality, our business development team will guide you in opening postpaid and prepaid locations nationwide. Our exclusive training programs improve customer loyalty, which bring repeat sales, reduce expenses and take the guess work out of promotion and planning. PCC works diligently to streamline the distribution process and ensure that you have access to the best quality products at the best prices, keeping you a step ahead of the competition. Our helpful staff has many years of experience in the wireless industry so we can understand your needs and always be ready to answer your questions.

Our Mission Statement

Personal Communications Center (PCC) is committed to making our customers wireless experience fruitful, exciting and fun. Whether a business customer or a point of sale consumer, our ambition is for all to feel the connection of being a part of our family from the very first interaction. Wireless is an inherently fast-paced and ever evolving industry. Our aim is to adapt and move forward using prudent decision making and complete customer satisfaction as our foundation. We excel in making business relationships, personal relationships. On our team, each team member plays an integral part in creating one thing; a fantastic personal experience. We believe this to be a key differentiator for us in the industry; but also live this as a core value that drives our success. To that end, our leadership is committed to providing an environment that ensures all pathways to delivering on our personal experience promise are clear and unobstructed for all of our customer facing employees. For the industry, communications and connections are the doors to success. We go further and proclaim that PERSONAL communications and PERSONAL connections are the keys that open the doors. We are proud to say at PCC ‘we make business personal; one experience at a time’.

Core Values

  • Customers – Make every customer experience a PERSONAL experience
  • Sales Centric – If you do not directly interact with our customers (Sales), business or POS, then you support someone who does
  • Hustle – Leave nothing on the table and everything on the field.
  • Integrity – We do what’s right by our customers, our business and our conscience
  • Coaching – We believe in team and for us that means coaching up, down, left and right – it’s how we improve!

Executive Members

Andy Sinha
Andy Sinha

Andy is the consummate relationship builder and ‘lead by example’ leader. With nearly 20 years in the business, his knowledge and expertise in the industry and business acumen have positioned PCC among the industry’s best. Reputation and word are everything and his leadership style reflects that.

Yash sinha
Yash Sinha
(President of Sales and Operations)

Yash manages the wholesale field operations on the west coast. He is a savvy and articulate student of the wireless business. His acute sensibilities to understanding both sides of any relationship are tools that enable him to find success where others cannot.


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