What is epay?

  • epay is the world’s leading prepaid payments processor.
  • epay offers payment and distribution services to over 250,000 retailers in over 30 countries
  • epay has processed billions of transactions
  • epay offers airtime for a wide variety of major national wireless providers and most popular regional carriers
  • epay’s products and services are offered at thousands of locations

Why Sign up for epay?

  • epay’s customized system allow you to offer a variety of electronic products from the most
    popular prepaid brands in the world
  • epay’s processing platform gives you access to the most competitive and successful
    distributor solutions available
  • epay offers an impressive catalog of prepaid content
  • epay’s always-growing product offerings grant our partners the ability to sell a selection of
    gift cards, mobile top-ups, and digital content
  • epay is equipped to provide you with a wide variety of advanced assistance, including
    reporting, customer support, merchandising, and more
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What’s in it for you?

  • Maximize your sales – Have access to new content and pricing as it becomes available, allowing you to offer a wider range of products to your customers
  • Increase efficiency – Take advantage of our extremely simple and streamlined online portal to run your business smoother than ever before
  • Expedited payments for activations – By having your T-Mobile, and dealer codes linked with your epay account, you can ensure that you receive your commission in a timely fashion


How to get started?

  • Simply click the “Let’s Get Started” button at the bottom of the page and fill in the requested information
  • We will begin the process of creating your account
  • You will be given highly competitive discount rates for each carrier
  • You will be given a Credit line based on your credit
  • Once your account is set up, you will be e-mailed everything you need to get started
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns, simply click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, and fill in the requested information
  • We will have a Wholesale Field Rep contact you to answer your questions and assist you with further steps

Why choose PCC?

  • Experience: PCC is an experienced T-Mobile Master Dealer with telecommunication experience since 1997
  • Nationwide Presence: PCC is a Nationwide Master Dealer. You will not be limited to one market or region, especially when assigning area codes for each new activation
  • One Stop Shop: PCC provides service for T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and epay. We can accommodate all of your needs
  • Phone Support: Friendly and convenient service offering quick resolutions for a multitude of needs including bi-lingual support
  • Knowledgeable Field Representatives: We provide training and support to assist in the development and growth of your business through our experienced team of Representatives


  • PCC lives up to their mission statement of making business personal. Through their hands on approach, my new store build was seamless. Their training of my employees also created much success! I look forward to their partnership.
  • PCC’s reputation of making business personal is evident in their consistent support and attention to my employees’ development through their trainings. Now, with my continual profit growth, I am able to hire the talent needed to further develop my business.
  • Having dealt with another Master Dealer in the industry, PCC’s timely compensation make them the Master Dealer of choice!
  • While looking into opening my own business within the telecommunications industry, PCC’s network of retail partners have shared best practices to ensure my business succeeds! I have had many opportunities through their “Partner with Retail” approach to ensure I am on track with increasing my revenue since I’ve opened the business.
  • My account manager has shown me how to think outside the box and maximize my sales through an array of quality products they offer.
  • Becoming a new partner with PCC was the best move I’ve made! Their attention to detail aided me in looking at my business from an entirely new perspective!
  • There is a great deal of support from the company’s office and field staff. They are always there for me to help resolve any issues on hand!
  • I truly feel like part of the PCC team, they take their time to make sure their success is MY success!
  • It is a refreshing feeling to be a part of a team that always places the needs of the customer first.
  • PCC continually provides, top of the line, quality products and customer services that have surpassed my expectations!
  • My customer experience, in what I came to know as a PCC location was outstanding. The representative was able to help me with all my needs, when other stores have simply sent me away and told me to handle it with T-Mobile customer service. I was so relieved to find such a caring location.
  • PCC has shown they are dedicated to ensuring the growth of my business. Never did I get the feeling they were trying to sell something that was not right for my location.


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